Springs Houses Online Team

So there is just 2 of us helping all of the wonderful people in our service area. Where is that you might ask? Florissant to Simla.  Pueblo to Lone Tree. And all points in between. Which is basically the Great Colorado Springs Area. Fountain, Falcon, Monument, Woodland Park, Black Forest, Peyton, Castle Rock, Parker, Sedalia, Larkspur, Elizabeth, and few more.

More about Eric... So.... I have been a Realtor since 2010. I have either sold or directly supervised my buyer agents in about 600 transactions and counting. It's not a huge number but it's also respectable enough to let you know that I do know what I am doing. Here are some thoughts I have about buying and selling real estate in Colorado.

  • The Colorado Real Estate contract changes every year and knowing it back and forth and what each section means is vitally important. I take each of those previously mentioned transactions and bring that to bear in your purchase. Experience matters especially when utilitized in proactive manner.
  • Selling your home is fairly easy if you follow my advice. Don't worry, I will price it as high as I think I can sell it(which is typically higher than what you think it's worth).
  • Buying a home. It's a fun and rewarding process. I like to spend about 1.5 times more effort than the average agent ensuring you're picking the right home. I mean it. You'll have access to me from early in the morning to late at night. Weekends, holidays, etc.
  • Investing... I have more experience in this than 99% of the agents in my market. Out of state rentals, Short term rentals, Long term rentals, flips, lease options, REIT's, and more. Let's chat about this if you have questions. I will retire on rental income.
  • Finally. It's a FREE beer or coffee on me if you want to chat about real estate or fishing.